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Online Poker Advantage Review

Rating What this Means
Poor system. Not reliable enough to use in the long-run. Almost considered a scam.
Marginally better than 1 star. Still not to be considered.
50/50 Chance of being ahead of each session. Good conepts but needs more tinkering to get it working as it should over the long term.
Something worth paying money for. Will stay ahead 8 out of 10 sessions. Overall a long term winner.
Highly recommended. The system works both short and long term without fail. One of the best genuine systems available.

Online Poker Advantage Review Synopsis

Name Score Comments

Online Poker Advantage
Online Poker Advantage will make you a smarter online poker player. A very good strategy written by a professional. If only the great Dane had better writing skills, this would be an ultimate package.

There's a million and one poker products out there to chose from. One of the best ways to get better is simply to play. There's no substitute for experience. Another way is to purchase a system, read a review or two and gain experience much much quicker. With a system, you gain experience at a much quicker rate, and avoid the costly losses of losing at poker.

Online Poker Advantage was developed by Kim Birch. He's a semi-famous Danish poker player on and offline.  His strategies are for earning a 6-figure income online playing poker.  He has a great online poker tournament strategy.

Online Poker Advantage reveals secrets most real time poker players don't know, as well as being unaffected by the obvious difference of playing online without being able to see your opponent's and read them.

The strategies and tips are very useful and are easy to use in real life online games.

Online Poker Advantage teaches things like how to bluff online better, master heads-up play, learn to figure out the other players in an online poker room, and more.  Online Poker Advantage talks about having discipline in playing poker, and provides a few examples on the site as to play with discipline and turn poker playing into a business.  Its a good strategy to win online poker.

The Online Poker Advantage is up to date, and has periodic updates which is good.  So, there's not a forum to speak to Kim Birch directly, but he does keep the information updated.  Emails from him are also answered quite quickly. Also, this product has a good price as well.  Overall its a good product, but there are no bonuses.

The only drawback is because Kim Birch is of Danish background, his english isn't 100%. There are gramatical errors and spelling mistakes which does effect the credibility of the ebook a little bit. It is a bit discouraging, but the information contained is very very good.

Overall Online Poker Advantage is a good compiled system that will teach you everything you need to know to learn poker, and then win some.

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