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Poker Edge Review

Rating What this Means
Poor system. Not reliable enough to use in the long-run. Almost considered a scam.
Marginally better than 1 star. Still not to be considered.
50/50 Chance of being ahead of each session. Good conepts but needs more tinkering to get it working as it should over the long term.
Something worth paying money for. Will stay ahead 8 out of 10 sessions. Overall a long term winner.
Highly recommended. The system works both short and long term without fail. One of the best genuine systems available.

Poker Edge Review Synopsis

Name Score Comments
Poker Edge
Something unique and different. Poker Edge is a program written by two students at Carnegie Mellon. It is a software that is connected to a large database containing more than one and a half million players. With more work this poker tool has the potential to really do some casino damage.

Hardcore poker players use profiling softwares to choose which table to play. Profiling softwares helps them to find tables where a majority of the players are weak and the software also gives them all the information regarding your play. If you ever feel like they already know what you are going to do next, you are probably right.

The main difference between empirical poker calculators and profiling softwares is that if you use an empirical calculator you have to play against an opponent to get a profile of his poker playing style. In profiling softwares all of this data is already collected and you can access it at once.

If you use a profiling software, like poker edge, you will get the upper hand because in poker information is everything. If this information is used correctly that player will be very hard to beat.

Poker Edge is great but it does need some work. Poker Edge does feature a few random crashes. So it is not 100% stable. Also Poker Edge does'nt refresh instantly, in other words, if you are looking at a room and someone leave/enters, you won't know it.

On the positive, it is a very good concept and it does provide you an edge. It allows you to avoid the pro players and pick on the inexperienced giving you the extra poker edge. Combine Poker Edge with a killing poker strategy (Which are all availble from this site) and you will be a big big winner!

Recommended if you purchase a winning poker system with poker edge.

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