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How to Eliminate Online Poker Tells You Might be Giving Away

Looking for an edge while playing online ? Pay attention to this...

Alot of online poker players giveout tells and most of them dont even know it. Are you one of those players ? My goal with this article is to help people become the best poker player they can be, and thus you need to be aware of online tells that you might give away to others that are very well aware of these tells.

Your online behaviour, how you play, when you play, how fast you play and what you say in the chat rooms, even your name can all give away some free “information” about your game, the secret to being a good bluffer is to not let others know when you are bluffing. Take this information and use it, when you see someone not following these rules, there is a good chance that he is a below average player, and thus you should take advantage of that.

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Starting Hands

Looking for an edge while playing online ? Pay attention to this...

You receive your first two cards, you look at them and now you ask yourself, should you play them ? Should you raise on the preflop ? You look around you, and try to find some tells, but still can’t quite decide what to do. Well You’re reading the right article. See I’m going to tell you what to do, it’s easy huh!

First, these are advice for a table with 6-8 players...

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